Coats by Maje — Parisian elegance in every layer

Explore Maje's coat collection, where each piece is a nod to Parisian style, an aesthetic that’s known for its effortless elegance and minimalist chic. Our designs are influenced by the laid-back yet sophisticated lifestyle of Paris, where fashion seamlessly blends with daily life.

This collection showcases the city's approach to fashion — understated, refined and always in vogue. From sleek trench coats that embody the essence of Parisian simplicity to oversized coats that offer a modern take on classic comfort, our selection caters to those who value subtle elegance and timeless style.

Chic and stylish, whatever the weather

Our wool coats are a classic choice, offering unrivalled warmth and a timeless look that transitions effortlessly from day to night. For those who favour a more modern silhouette, our oversized coats provide ample comfort without compromising on style.

Trench coats in our lineup are reimagined with unique details and flattering fits, making them an essential outer layer for both clear and cloudy days. In Australia, long coats are good wardrobe staples as well, offering extended coverage and an elegant drape that complements any ensemble.

The right coat does more than just protect against the weather — it's a statement of sophistication and personal style. A well-chosen coat can elevate even the simplest outfit, creating an aura of elegance and confidence that resonates in any setting. Whether it's the structured formality of a wool coat or the relaxed elegance of an oversized piece, the impact of a sophisticated coat is unmistakable. It serves as the finishing touch to your ensemble, ensuring you present your best self to the world, no matter the occasion.

Complete your ensemble with Maje

While exploring our coat selection, don't forget to check out our blazers and cardigans. These pieces are ideal for layering, adding depth and dimension to your look.

Visit Maje and choose from our exquisite coat collection to keep you stylishly warm. With a blend of classic and contemporary designs, you're sure to find your next wardrobe favourite.